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Arizona Robbins - I’m Winning [10x19]

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Flirty Arizona ❤️

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"First thing I got was my name and I was like ‘Arizona Robbins’ – I’m like, Arizona Robbins? What name is that? I met with Mimi and went to wardrobe and she had a bunch of stuff set out, bedazzled lanyards, decals, and such. Arizona is a pediatric surgeon and I needed something youthful. I was about to walk out and I saw these tennis shoes with wheels on it. I was like she HAS to have these. I took them home and learned to skate that night before taping the next day. The first thing I had to do during filming was enter the scene. It was crazy."

— Jessica Capshaw (source)

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*flirt, flirt, flirt* BYE


*flirt, flirt, flirt* BYE

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@SaraRamirez: You better work that neck & head dance @JessicaCapshaw! Love it! Anybody else bobbing along? Cause I know I am!

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Taylor Schilling - 3rd Annual Reel Stories  Hollywood

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