Taylor Schilling & Laura Prepon at the 66th annual Primetime Emmy Awards


Taylor Schilling being adorkable on the Emmys red carpet (x)

Taylor Schilling & Sarah Paulson at the Emmy pre-party     

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Something to remember any time Piper seems like a self-absorbed, privileged twit (which, for the most part, she is): SHE TAKES RESPONSIBILITY FOR HER OWN ACTIONS. That alone puts her ahead of most people.

❤️ Piper Chapman takes responsibility for her own actions!

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Castkett ‘s bedroom scenes part 1 

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I love you too.

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Taylor Schilling on Conan.

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I don’t have a temper.

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Selfie Gate August 7, 2014! The day @sashaalexander & @JessicaCapshaw made the fangirls crazy;)
Sexy as they wanna be!


Taylor and Uzo on Uzo shooting her first fight scene. 

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Arizona Robbins Alphabet
     - X-ray Room

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#OITNB Star @TaySchilling Stops By SiriusXM Studios (7/31) (More photos)


Thank you so much for coming.

One of my favorite oitnb parts xD

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Taylor at the Gold Derby Q&A Google Hangout

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